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Gene Roddenberry

Creator of Star trek

Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry, (August 19, 1921 – October 24, 1991) was an American screenwriter and producer. He is best known as the creator of Star Trek, an American sci-fi series known for its immense influence on popular culture.

Roddenberry was sometimes referred to as the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" in reference to his founding role in Star Trek. He was one of the first to be "buried" in space.

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Uhura, Enterprise comms officer

He created star trek in the hope that it would bring together the people of the world. He was the first producer to place a coloured woman nichelle nichols the position of communications officer onboard the Uss Enterprise (having a coloured lady on the tv in such a high position was never heard of in the 60's), there were the usual objections, but the tv studio pursued with the ideals of Gene and it has become the massive experience it is today.

He also pushed the limits with the first interracial kiss ever to be seen on prime time tv, this was between Captain Kirk and Uhura (nichelle nichols ).

Uhura and Kirk kiss

First interracial kiss on prime time


The united federation of planets

His vision of the future was to see that all races throughout the galaxy would be united as one, hence the name The Federation.


He cast one member to the position of a nurse aboard the Enterprise, by the name of Majel Barrett. This actress went on to star in all of the star trek franchises in one way or the other.

She started out as the nurse, and then proceeded to do the voice's for all the computers on all the ships, as well as this she turned up as other characters throughout the series, but mainly as Troi's mother in the Next Generation.



Andromada crew

During this time she married Gene and after his death she completed the scripts for another show that he was working on at the time, called Andromeda. This stared an actor called Keven Sorbo, who was also in Hecules, another show that had (and still has) a great following.

Another show that was started by this man was a series called Earth : Final Conflict.

It involves the arrival of the Talons on earth, who claim that they are here to help - but are they?


Mr Gene Roddenberry has created a show that was an idea to try to get people to talk together, to communicate and to end racial differences, and I feel in a way he has started the proccess. The idea has become a world wide hit, you only need to put into a search engine the words Star Trek and you will see thousands of pages relating to one mans vision. The programme may have been made in the 60's but here we are in 2009, still talking about it, still making movies and still creating games that will try to reunite the people of different cultures and races together.

Now that is a legacy to be left behind.


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