Uss Enterprise 1701Edit

This was the first starship to be created by Gene, it has been the home of many captains and their crews.

The original Enterprise was commanded by captain Christopher Pike, with Majel Barrett as his first officer. Then as the pilot episode was shelved, it was then time to become the turn of William Shatner, who made the part his own. Majel Barrett became nurse Chapel under the command of Dr McCoy.


There have been a many more enterprises since it's creation, and there have also been spin offs, such as comics, plastic models, animation series, mugs etc - the list goes on. The enterprise has been replaced with other ships as the newer generations came along, such as DS9, and Voyager under the command of captain Janeway. But no matter what the changes to the ships, the crew, and even the position in space, Gene's ideals have always been there.

Bad guysEdit

Of course, as with all good guys there are the baddies, in this case it is with the klingons and romulans. The more the series and franchises went on the more elborate the baddies got.

What's leftEdit

As of 2009, we have seen a pre-quil to the original - just called Enterprise. There is a new game in the pipeline called [| Star trek online], from the main page look at the forums, you will see how his visions have come to pass. There you will find people from all over the world talking with each other about different things, there have been 10 films, with another being created now.

And as one of his main character's catch phrase goes Live Long and Prosper


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